Boogieman Buddies

Extras, Bonuses, and One-Offs

December 21, 2021

Every so often, we here at Boogieman Buddies do something fun and unusual for special occasions. This is where you can find them. Some bonus episodes require a donation of at least $1 a month to our Patreon. 




Free One-Offs

  • Goblin Quest! - A game by Grant Howitt about Goblins accomplishing tasks.
  • Uno - You know what Uno is.

Patreon One-Offs

  • SEXY BATTLE WIZARDS - A game by Grant Howitt about playing as loose cannon (and incredibly attractive) wizards who don't follow the rules.
  • The Gateshead Engine - A game by Adam Roy using Tarot Cards to tell a story about building a fantastical engine.
  • Lasers & Feelings - A game by John Harper inspired by Star Trek about playing as a crew on a starship.
  • Reflections: A Game of Dueling Samurai - A game by Jim McClure & Tobie Abad about best friends destined to be mortal enemies.
  • Hootgoblins - A game by Zargo Games about being criminal owls trying to convince drunks that they're aliens.
  • The Wretched - A game by Chris Bissette about a lone survivor trying to stay a survivor.
  • Ronin - A game by Tiago Junges about a disgraced samurai wandering a broken land.

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