Boogieman Buddies

Mass Effect: Before Contact Session 4 - The Slave Base

May 2, 2022

Battle at the pirate base! While the jungle beast causes pure, violent chaos, Ahili, Kunk, and Kenzak infiltrate. Now it's a three-way fight, with each side reacting as fast as they can to an ever-changing battlefield. It gets messy, fast.

Music Credits:

Intro: Mass Effect Theme - Jack Wall & Sam Hulick

Fight Theme 1: Combat Simulator Tier 1 - Sam Hulick

Fight Theme 2: Combat Simulator Tier 2 - Sam Hulick

Postfight: Shuttle Ride - Jack Wall

Investigation: Finding Samara - Jack Wall

Interrogation: What the Future Holds - Jack Wall

Party Time: The Normandy - Sam Hulick

End of Session: Reflections - Jack Wall

Outro: Farewell and Into the Inevitable - Sam Hulick

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