Boogieman Buddies

Mass Effect: Before Contact Session 5 - The Tallik

May 9, 2022

The crew has come to Kahje to put an end to the slaving operation once and for all. Finding Seyout is only half the job, however. It turns out the Drell is not only a practiced bodyguard but a powerful biotic as well, tasked with protecting a single Hanar from birth. Can Kunk, Ahili, and Kenzak manage to defeat him, or have they truly gotten in over their heads?

Music Credits:

Intro: Mass Effect Theme - Jack Wall & Sam Hulick

Kahje: Feros - Jack Wall

Investigation: Finding Samara - Jack Wall

A Tense Situation: Tension Rising - Chris Lennertz

Fight Theme 3: Combat Simulator Tier 3 - Sam Hulick

Postfight: Shuttle Ride - Jack Wall

Fight Theme 4: Combat Simulator Tier 4 - Sam Hulick

End of Session: Reflections - Jack Wall

Outro: Farewell and Into the Inevitable - Sam Hulick

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