Boogieman Buddies

The Telltale Hunt: The SoCal Squad Session 102 - Season’s Change

May 27, 2022

The end of an era, and for our three it is both too long and not nearly long enough. The star falls from the sky and crashes to unforgiving earth, and its cracks are patched by the angel, the engineer, the mage, and those who've watched it break too many times already. And then by dint of a particular kind of quiet migration recurs, though none of us will be there to see where the pack settles next.

The goodbyes are one of the few times I actively stop watching, they always feel like something not meant for me. I wind up having to see them during Integration, but, I dunno, it's different when it's live.

Music Credits:

Intro: Jade - Emancipator

Days Crawl By: Together - See-Saw

Sanctuary: Morgana (Tolerance Version) - See-Saw

The Nova Falls Backwards: Humiliation - Yuki Kajiura

Convalescing Nova: M13 (Kara no Kyoukai 4) - Yuki Kajiura

Pack it All Away: Grandpa's Violine - Yuki Kajiura

To the Next Horizon: Yasashii Yoake (Karaoke) - See-Saw

Blue Eyes on the Present: M04 (Kara no Kyoukai 1) - Yuki Kajiura

Planning: Talkin' About Mystery - Yuki Kajiura

Emotional Exodus: Say Goodbye - Yuki Kajiura

Greta Steiner: Rhapsody in Green - Clark Powell

End of Session: Labyrinth (CloZee Remix) - Emancipator

Outro: crystal hung in firmament's descent - Emelia Kaylee

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