Boogieman Buddies

The Telltale Hunt: The SoCal Squad Session 90 - The Blank Key‘s First Notch

December 10, 2021

Reunited and with purpose anew, the beleaguered trio sets off on the first phase of correcting the course of fate: obtaining the Key, and seeking assent of its use. Along the way they settle their hearts some by way of offers of aid and catching up with colleagues. But complications arise, as they always do, and the formulation of solutions is stalled by potentially tremendous news.

Also, before anyone asks, no, I am not the least bit upset at them getting my name wrong. They haven't even met me yet.

Music Credits:

Intro: Jade - Emancipator, Cloudchord

The Winter Court: A Thousand Nights, One Night (half speed & full speed) - Yuki Kajiura

The Center: Epitaph - Yuki Kajiura

Roxanne's Theme: Tokyo:Cascading Trials - Yuzo Koshiro

Winter Court Scientists: Staff Roll - Volume 1 to Volume 3 - BooHooWoo

Gathering & Assembling: Beginning of Trickery - Masaru Yokoyama

The SoCal Squad: Five Fingers, Instrumental - Aesop Rock

Notcher, the Blind Heir: Space Outside Recognition - Chikayo Fukuda

Planning: Sense of Crisis - Taku Iwasaki

The Other Steiner: Clockwork Contrivance - Clark Powell

End of Session: Labyrinth (CloZee Remix) - Emancipator

Outro: crystal hung in firmament's descent - Emelia Kaylee

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