Boogieman Buddies

Trendsetters Issue 58 - Seeing Double

May 20, 2022

Megalad has returned... twice. The team has to cope with the idea of two Megalads, each in their own ways. Poltergeist tries to help Switch through it, then Sundog and Switch have a chat about their twice-returned friend, and also discuss Tiffany a little bit. Afterwards, the Silver Skeleton has a chat with Young Gary. Poltergeist has a talk with a retired hero. Zero has a field trip with Prima. Old Gary makes a mistake.

Music Credits:

Intro: Damn Cowardly School - Yuki Hayashi

Penny's Theme: A Boy Caught in The Thick of Things - Akira Tsuchiya, Ken Nakagawa, Daisuke Achiwa

Gary's Theme (Young): Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner - ZUN

Separatists: Backtrack to Guidance - El Huervo

Gary's Theme (Old): Brain Power (8-Bit Remix) - NOMA

Displaced Humanity: Stealth Chameleon - Naoto Tanaka, Nittoku Inoue, Nobuhiko Kashiwara, Theory of N

Archer Angst (Young): Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner (Shenron Remix) - SHΣNROΠ

The Spinning Coin: Grey Waltz - Kenichiro Suehiro

Team Time: Rebellious Youth - Yuki Hayashi

The Silver Skeleton: Military Precision - Kelly Bailey

Darksiders: Tau-9 - Kelly Bailey

Kevin Quail: Funky Bar 100 - Christophe Heral

Prima, Kakth Scientist: The Calm - Mark Morgan

Diamond Dogs, Rough: Austin, Atlantis + Remaster - Clark Powell

Diamond Dogs, Smooth: Candles and Clockwork/Moonsetter Overlay - Tyler Dever, Toby Fox, woodfur00

The DHEA: The Power of Endeavor - Yuki Hayashi

Crisis: Struggle - Yuki Hayashi

Rising Action: Vanguard Action Squad -Darkness- - Yuki Hayashi

End of Session: Various Quirks - Yuki Hayashi

Outro: Wings - Thomas Bergersen

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